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We have 9 facilities for Romania.
Str. Ilie Macelaru Nr. 8
Contact: Dragos Vintila   
Elders? No   Minister? yes
Size: 20
Duminica Studiu Biblic - 10:00 Duminica Inchinare - 11:00 Miercuri Studiu Biblic si Rugaciune - 18:00
  Updated: 10:21 PM January 15th, 2014
church of Christ in Pitesti
Armand Calinescu nr. 16
Contact: Iulia Vasile   
Elders? no   Minister? no
Phone: 0722314842
Size: 70
Bible Study 10:00 Worship 11:00 Bible class for adults and 4 different classes for children taught by Romanian teachers.
Services are conducted in Romanian each Lord's day. However many of the members speak english and translation is available. U.S. Bible teachers also are visiting regularly to preach and also to conduct individual Bible studies. Deaf interpreters available
  Updated: 02:17 PM October 14th, 2010
Oradea church of Christ (Biserica Lui Hristos)
Str. Sulyok Istvan, Nr.8
   Bihor    3700
Contact: Vasile Iuhos   
Elders? No   Minister? Yes
Phone: 004-259-455735
Size: 25-30
Sunday- 10:00 am Bible Study 11:00 am Worship
  Updated: 03:58 AM June 27th, 2008
Bucharest Church of Christ
Sos. Mihai Bravu 515 - 523
   Bucuresti    030336
Contact: Albert Cook   
Elders? No   Minister? No
Phone: +4 0723 500 607
Size: 120
Sunday 10:00 - 12:30 Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00
  Updated: 05:14 PM April 25th, 2010
church of Christ in Craiova
Strada General Constantin Argetoianu nr. 34
Contact: Ion Fratostiteanu   
Elders? no   Minister? no
Phone: 0740975452
Size: 30
Bible Study 10:00 Worship 11:00
The church began in 1997 and meets in its own building. Services are in Romanian, but translation is available. U.S. contacts are Harvey Starling, 2564309914
  Updated: 08:38 AM June 03rd, 2010
church of Christ in Craiova
Strada General Constantin Argetoianu nr. 34
   Judetul Dolj   
Contact: Ion Fratostiteanu   
Elders?   Minister?
Size: unknown
Sunday Bible Classes 10:00 AM Morning Worship 11:00 AM
  Updated: 09:59 AM October 13th, 2010
Sfantu Gheorghe Church
Kalvin Ter #6
   Romania    4000
Contact: Randy Dean   
Elders?   Minister?
Phone: 011-40-67-351764
Size: 20
Sunday Morning Bible Study: 10:00 Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 Wednesday Night Bible Study: 6:00 Ladies Bible Class: Thursday 5:00
The church in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romanian is small and struggling. It was established in 1992. By the grace of God and the generousity of some brethren in the States, we have our own meeting place and a second facility for housing visiting teachers, preache
  Updated: 08:28 PM 1 October 01st, 2001
church of christ in Sibiu
B-dul Coposu nr. 16
Contact: Claudiu Murtaza   
Elders? no   Minister? yes
Phone: 0040369407244
Size: 25
Sunday Worship Service 10:00; Sunday Bible Classes 11:00; Wednesday Bible Study 18:30; Saturday Youth Bible Class 11:00;
Services, Sunday Bible class, and Ladies' class are in Romania with translation when needed. Additional classes are also available to study the Bible in Romanian, English, and German throughout the day upon request.
  Updated: 10:21 PM January 15th, 2014
Church of Christ
Nr 28, Ap 5
   Timis    1900
Contact: Nelu Stanciulescu   
Elders? No   Minister? Yes
Size: 20
Sun AM 10-12 Wed 7-8 PM
  Updated: 03:10 PM February 20th, 2003